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This is a site for home-built computers, all sorts of wild and wonderful contraptions. The Megaprocessor is one of them. There are further links at the bottom of the page.
These are the people who manufactured all of my circuit boards
The web editor I used for this website.
The place I got the script for my feedback form from. There are also some good tutorials on starting with Blue Griffon.
This site helped a lot in getting some kind of control over the web pages.
The people who produce Eagle, the PCB schematic and router software I used for my PCBs and creating the artwork for the modules.
This is the little FPGA board I've used for my peripherals, controller and simulator. I'm quite fond of it. It's cheapish £20 or so. But its real attraction to me is that it uses .1" pitch headers, so it's something I can solder to. (The synthesis/programming tools are ok. I've not used the simulator I tend to use Modelsim from either the Altera or Xilinx web packs.)
This is what got me going with PICs. Getting to be quite fond of these as well.
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I used this to create the RSS stream. Unfortunately the web links now all seem to be broken. If someone can tell me where it lives nowadays I'll add a link here.
I used this for some analog simulations (I should have done more of these)

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