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Several people have asked whether I considered using SMT (Surface Mount Technology) rather than through hole components.
Yes, I did.
  • cheaper
  • smaller
  • wider choice
what's not to like. So I got a set of samples. Looked at them. Laughed, and threw them in the bin. My soldering isn't great and my eyesight is worse. I'm barely able to work with the antediluvian versions I do use.

As it happens it is not all bad. Whilst it would have been nice to spend less and have the Megaprocessor smaller than it is I think from an aesthetic point of view the big chunky and visible transistors (and resistors) is the better option. After all I am trying to show them and how they work.

I do find myself wondering just how expensive it would have been to get the boards machine built, that may have changed some decisions. I assumed it would be prohibitive for my kind of volumes, but maybe I should have looked.

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